CPU Emulation

Andreas Mohr andi at rhlx01.fht-esslingen.de
Tue Jun 7 08:13:33 CDT 2005


On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 10:54:14PM +1000, Robert Lunnon wrote:
> Has any consideration been given to hooking a CPU emulation into wine to allow 
> non x86 derivative CPUs execute native Windows binaries. For example it aught 
> to be possible to hook qmu into the wine loader. Would this make a good 
> Google Summer of Code project ?
You even dare asking this question only one day after non-x86
CPUs have officially been declared extinct!?

qemu is already able to run x86 Windows programs on non-x86 CPUs, with
the Wine package that's distributed on the qemu website already.
Not sure whether integrating qemu directly would help a lot...
Hmm, probably yes, since the whole Win32 API part would be done natively,
but there's still the whole x86 program part remaining for translation.

Andreas Mohr

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