Asynchronous Named Pipes

Robert Shearman rob at
Wed Jun 8 15:30:09 CDT 2005

Uwe Bonnes wrote:

>I hope people don't  think of me as a PITA, but here again my RFT (Request
>for Tests):
>Rob, can you please add a testcase in dlls/kernel/tests/pipe.c showing the
>usage and the functionality of your patch?

I presume you are requesting this for one of two reasons: making sure 
that overlapped I/O on named pipes works now and making sure it works in 
the future. Just to put your mind at ease about the first, I put it 
through a very heavy work-out by converting rpcrt4 to use overlapped I/O 
on named pipes instead of synchronous I/O. This would have provided a 
nice test case for the functionality, but I'm not going to submit the 
work because it noticably slows down RPCs.
However, the reason I did it was to achieve closer semantics to Windows' 
named pipes to find out the reason for a short read on a pipe. This may 
be of interest to you because it appears to be exactly the same problem 
you were reporting in another message. If you could force the program to 
use asynchronous I/O then it should solve that problem.

So, I'll write tests for overlapped I/O on named pipes when I next have 
some free time, which will probably be at the weekend.

Rob Shearman

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