ViaVoice (98) in Wine

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On Wednesday 08 June 2005 23:11, wino at wrote:

> Yep , this was my gut feeling about v8. Next you will find it wants
> xp-only video features for the traing videos you dont even want to see,
> etc etc....
> It probably wants to make use you have usb "just incase" you try to use a
> usb mike.

Yeah ... Though if I get one of those running I would use a Bluetooth headset 
- just that Wine would only see it thru ALSAs OSS emulation ... But of course 
first I need to get it running at all.

Btw. I called Scansoft on Monday and asked about their Linux support. The 
woman on the phone from the German office appeared well informed and told me 
it would be possible to dictate under Wine but not to navigate. I wonder what 
version they tested.

In the meantime I noticed AutoCAD is suppost to work these days and verified 
with an old Version 14 release, that I still had from my technical drafting 

When I last tried to install it in Wine (1999 or 2000 so ...) it installed but 
did not start up with lots of OLE whatever errors ...

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