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Wed Jun 8 18:00:20 CDT 2005

Sorry Rene, I thought this thread should have a title that related to  
Dragon. By all means continue your v8 attempts under ViaVoice alias. ;)

you have restimulated my interest in this so I will push ahead with v7  
since I did not have some of the issues you are having with v8. I'm pretty  
sure the guts of the thing are identical as far as speach rec. technology  


*  app-emulation/wine :
         [  I] 20041019-r3 (0)

.wine/config attached

This is on a clean installation of the above version. I copied the config  
 from a prev installation but I dont think there any magic.

Installed from a CD using :

WINEDLLOVERRIDES="ole32,oleaut32,rpcrt4=n" wine h:setup.exe

No issues at all with installshield. One thing to note is to move all dlgs  
to one side since at some stage there is a yes/no modal dlg that pops up  
centre screen but does not come to the top of the z-order. Since it is  
hidden behind the logo/dlg and it does not have the focus you cannot  
access it.

I deselected the quickstart option and the Text to speach files and opted  
for UK English lang model.

Once install finished I did wineboot and got the following:

prof at newsys ~/.wine/c $ wineboot
fixme:ddeml:DdeConnectList (1,0xc000,0xc000,(nil),(nil)): stub
fixme:ddeml:DdeQueryNextServer (0x1,(nil)): stub
fixme:ddeml:DdeDisconnectList (0x1): stub
err:wineboot:runCmd Failed to run command (0)
err:wineboot:ProcessRunKeys Error running cmd #1 (0)

Did not dig for detail m but I dont think there is anything critical there.
(We are not expecting DDE to work!)

Now the sticky bit :

wine natspeak.exe
fixme:vxd:VXD_Open Unknown/unsupported VxD L"nwlink.vxd". Try setting  
Windows version to 'nt40' or 'win31'.
err:toolbar:TOOLBAR_TestImageExist index 8 is not valid, max 8
err:toolbar:TOOLBAR_TestImageExist index 9 is not valid, max 8

fixme:mixer:MIX_GetLineInfo Unhandled component type  
fixme:mixer:MIX_GetLineInfo Unhandled component type  
fixme:mixer:MIX_GetLineInfo Unhandled component type  

This seems similar to the probs Rene Rebe reported with ViaVoice.

Apart from this the Dragon tool bar comes up cleanly and allows me to open  
DragonPad editor. There seems to be no other major issues which is  

I was able to short circuit this issue with NS v4 by skipping the audio  
setup and running gentrain.exe directly since the real prerequisit is to  
run the user training setup.

Running the training through natspeak (which is reqd. before you can do  
anything with the mike) first tries to set the mike level and we stump.

Two approaches seem possible:

1/ Set the mike level in Linux and con NS that is has been set.
2/ Resolve the technical issue with wineoss / winealsa so that it can  
control the mike and do what it "thinks" it needs to do.

2 is ultimately what needs to be done but is out of my hands.

1 seems more accessible but last time I looked I did not find anything in  
the ini files , probably need to do some reg hacking. Poss with ref to a  
true wine install of v7

Ideas / thoughts...

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