wcmd: Remove user32 dependencies

Marcelo Duarte marcelotduarte at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 22:48:57 CDT 2005

James Hawkins escreveu:

>This patch is in responese to Bug #1982 'Can't SSH into a computer and
>use "wine cmd" or wineconsole'
>The problem as identified by Marcus is that wcmd is importing user32
>which brings in the x11 driver causing the ssh'ed wcmd to fail:
>(~)> wine cmd
>x11drv: Can't open display:
The command "wine wcmd" or "wcmd" produces to me the same results and I 
do not see the errors described in bug1892. Only the keyboard input is 
bad, but the message above is not displayed to me.
The command "wineconsole wcmd" functions. My terminal is 80x50 and it 
display on top 40x50.

>I couldn't figure out any other way to get rid of LoadString.  It's
>pretty essential since we're loading multilingual help strings from
>resource files.
>* Dynamically call LoadString from user32.
>* Remove all direct user32 dependencies.
>* Don't import user32.
I dont think that this is necessary. This is not the cause of bug 1892. 
Maybe export DISPLAY

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