avifil32, msvfw32 and friends

Jan Jezabek jezabek at poczta.onet.pl
Wed Jun 8 14:00:29 CDT 2005


What is the current state of VfW support? I have tried a few 
applications, and they seem to fail sooner or later:
- virtualdub runs fine, but it's only possible to use RGB, cvid or ms 
video. I installed the xvid and divx vfw dll's to wine's 
c:\windows\system, updated the Drivers32 and drivers.desc keys in the 
registry, but virtualdub still doesn't let me use them,
- I've also got a program written by me, which reads an AVI and stores 
the video part on disk. Here the problem seems to be AviFileInit which 
seems not to be implemented.

My question is: how much of msvfw32.dll and avifil32.dll is implemented? 
I've had a quick look at msvfw32 and it seems to do what I expected - 
enumerate all strings from HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows 
NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32. Does anyone know why the drivers then fail 
to show up in VirtualDub? Are there any parts of the AVI reader 
implemented or are they only stubs?


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