Google Summer of code - rc files translator proposition

Piotr Caban piotr.caban at
Thu Jun 9 06:16:14 CDT 2005


I'm interested in Google Summer of code. My cousin, Jacek, has
wrote here about it. I'm going to write a translator to rc files.
I was thinking about how should it look like. In my opinion it
has to have its own rc parser (I can integrate the wrc parser).

I think this tool should have:
- Listed every string that has to be translated
- Preview of dialogs so that user can change its parameters
 characteristic for the language version (like size of controls)
- RC files upgrading options
- Nice UI with some useful options that makes translating easier

Because rc files have very different syntax than po files and we
need some specific options, I don't think using tools like poEdit
is good choice. It won't make translations comfortable for users.
This tool has to be as easy as possible, so users that have no
coding experience can use it. Translating cannot expect user to
know anything about syntax of rc files.


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