Some economic analysis of Apple's move to x86

Holly Bostick motub at
Thu Jun 9 15:15:31 CDT 2005

Scott Ritchie schreef:
<snip of very interesting analysis>

And this would "explain" why Wine suddenly showed up on MS's radar so
publically-- a move like Apple's doesn't happen overnight, nor secretly
within the industry. MS may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but
even they would see the necessity to start building a framework for some
form of pre-emptive strike.

Seems to me that all projects affected would want to ensure that their
wagons are circled and their hatches are battened, because if the two
"major minority" players jointly become able to use Windows-based
applications without Windows, the trickle of migrators to both systems
is likely to become a flood, and that flood will be leaking directly
from MS's pockets.

And we all know how they respond to potential encroachment on "their"
territory. "Competitive market"? Yeah, right.


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