Wine 20050310 redraw problems (specifically with Paint Shop Pro 7)

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Thu Jun 9 18:25:29 CDT 2005

Just to say that I've just tried Wine 20050524  and all the problems are
*almost* fixed (20050419 was still broken, so the fixes have crept in
since then)

A new image in PSP correctly draws/clears itself. 

Tooltips *almost* clean up after themselves, except when the tooltip's
right edge goes over the drawing window's right edge, or the tooltip's
bottom edge goes over the drawing window's bottom edge. In those two
situations traces of the tooltip get left behind on the image canvas
until the display is refreshed manually (desktop switch, dragging
another window in front etc.). No problems at the top or left boundaries
though, just right / bottom.

Pop-up menus behave in exactly the same way as tooltips; they get
cleared OK if they're wholly within the image canvas (or overlapping
top / left edges), but don't force a redraw when they're overlapping
right / bottom margins of the image canvas window.

The image canvas now correctly redraws itself when other X or Wine
windows obscure it and then move away, or I switch desktops etc.  

I've seen one total application lockup when moving another X window
across the front of the PSP ones managed by Wine, but I need to do some
more investigation there to try and figure out what symptoms cause it

Still, looking good on the whole, so a big thanks to whoever's been
messing with the redraw code lately! (Vitaly?)



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