Window geometry problem

Pavel Troller patrol at
Fri Jun 10 03:10:13 CDT 2005

  I have a small update: Stuart Axon sent me a screenshot of the same app
from wxp. Thanks! I placed the image together with the first (bad) one, the URL
is .
  Comparing the two images, one can find, that
  1) Size of both is identical
  2) Basic graphic elements are also identical
  3) The slider is much bigger and incorrectly positioned
  4) The same applies to the text window
  5) Other elements are not present at all (Insert time info, Insert pause time)
  6) The lonely checkbox may belong to "auto line change" text
  Observing this, can anybody determine a part of wine (dll or so), which is 
responsible for this ? Could I try it as native to see what would change ?

                           Which regards, Pavel Troller

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