Soliciting suggestions for AppDB

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Fri Jun 10 10:27:31 CDT 2005

On 6/8/05, Mitchell Mebane <mmebane at> wrote:
> I'm putting together a Summer of Code proposal for working on the AppDB. 
> I've been talking with Chris Morgan, and he has a few suggestions, but I was 
> looking for more. Does anybody have any features they'd like added to the 
> AppDB, quirks they'd like worked out, or things of that nature?

One thing I'd like to see is a way to send feedback to the maker of the 
software to tell them their application is being used with Wine. Maybe 
that's just a link within the AppDB to a page on their website describing 
how to contact them, or maybe it's a link to a real comment form (on WineHQ 
or their site). Whatever the case, it should probably be controlled by the 
app maintainer. 

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