[QUARTZ] Add FFMpeg video wrapper filter

Mitchell Mebane mmebane at ev1.net
Fri Jun 10 10:02:13 CDT 2005

Joerg Mayer wrote:

>On Fri, Jun 10, 2005 at 12:19:06AM +0100, Christian Costa wrote:
>>This wrapper only support rle, msvideo1 and mjpeg for now.
>>To enable support for it, download lastest FFMpeg package, built it and 
>>install it.
>>Also copy avcodec.h, rational.h and common.h into a ffmpeg directory 
>>created in a
>>standard directory (/usr/include or /usr/local/include).
>>Once done, run configure to detect the library and the headers.
>>The library is static so there is no runtime dependency.
>I haven't looked at libffmpeg as a standalone library, but in case it's
>possible to do so, maybe runtime detection would be the way to go. That
>way wine binaries can be delivered without being patent challenged and
>video support can be added by just installing an additional dynamic lib.
> Ciao
>       Joerg

Has anybody tried using FFDShow with Wine?

--Mitchell Mebane

I find that a great part of the information I have was acquired by looking up something and finding something else on the way.
-- Franklin P. Adams

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