Dragon NS7 on wine

René Rebe rene at exactcode.de
Sat Jun 11 02:55:24 CDT 2005


On Saturday 11 June 2005 02:02, wino at piments.com wrote:

> >> You could try copying it to /windows/system
> >
> > Tried that - no difference.
> bash# ls ~/.wine/c/windows/Speech/Dragon
> Elantts.dll  dd10enum.dll  dnstk10.dll  nsinstalled.ini  nsvbld50.dll
> Uninst.isu   dmfc.dll      elantts.exe  nstex50.dll
> Just found this. Another location for your dll. Again the exact err msg
> would be helpful maybe.

Hm - your version seems to be different enough to make the difference from 
working to not start up ...

I can neither change the install path during the installation (the dialog will 
just use the default string when I click on ok when I entered my own one) - 
and my registry does neither contain such an entry:

> [NaturallySpeaking 7.0]
> Install=C:\progs\Nat7\Program

Only many other NS entries ...

> That's where I put mine.
> I am wondering whether you have v7 and v8 installed and there is some
> confusion due to that.

I never got v8 to install - and I always start will clean wine installs, since 
I make a tar snapshot everytime I got s.th. new to work - and also tried with 
less stuff installed to see if e.g. some other applications changes the 


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