avifil32, msvfw32 and friends

Jan Jezabek jezabek at poczta.onet.pl
Sat Jun 11 08:45:49 CDT 2005

Eric Pouech wrote:
> it's parly implemented (mainly what has been needed so far). Some 
> drivers are still missing. It should be able to load any driver. More 
> traces are needed to understand what goes wrong.
> A+


Thanks for your reply. I've already submitted a patch solving the first 
issue - the names of the drivers can now be retrieved from the registry 
in addition to system.ini. The second program seems to fail at 
AviStreamGetFrame, I'll try to do some more research today. It seems 
that parsing of the AVI is implemented - at least the stream headers are 
parsed correctly. I'll see if using AVIStreamRead + ICDecompress will 
give the expected result.
I'd like to contribute to Wine while participating on the Summer of 
Code. I have some background in image compression - so I'd be happy if I 
could work on this domain. Is there something that needs to be done here?
On a sidenote: I've posted a message to this list via gmane yesterday 
(about 20h ago), but it hasn't appeared yet neither in the web archive 
nor in the gmane archive. I've had a similar problem with previous posts 
- is this a known issue with gmane? I'm now posting directly to 
wine-devel at winehq.org.


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