Wine could cut the heart out of the Mac game business?

Tom Wickline twickline at
Sat Jun 11 10:06:23 CDT 2005

Anyone here care to speculate on what Wine on the future Apple x86
will bring to that platform gloom or doom ?
The reason why I ask is, while reading the article "Game Developers
React To Intel Switch"
Wine in mentioned twice once by "Glenda Adams - Aspyr Media"

"Tech Support is one big issue that crops up with emulators as well.
If you are playing Sims 2 under some wine-like emulator on OS X Intel,
will EA answer you call/email if you have problems? Or will they say
its not a supported config?"

And at the end of this article there is a Anonymous Developer and here
is the quote.

"Anonymous Developer: it all depends on WINE and the ability to run PC
games on the Mac. it could cut the heart out of the Mac game


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