[PATCH] FCI work for cabinet.dll [cabinet-fci-patch-02b.diff]

Dustin Navea speeddymon at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 21:55:05 CDT 2005

Ok, Now I am getting fed up with all this petty bickering over indent 
amounts.  Alexandre wants 4 space indents.  As soon as I get Linux 
installed on my box, I'm going to _MANUALLY_ go through every single 
file and make sure that we have 4 space indent, since I wouldnt know how 
to write up a script to do it automatically..  Then I'm going to make 
diffs and submit patches.  I honestly prefer 2-space, but at the same 
time, I can understand why most devs prefer 4 space.  My question is 
though, how long will it take once the changes have been made before the 
  code is all mixed up again?  Is there any way we can just not accept 
patches that dont conform? Of course if we do that, there would be some 
angry devs, so maybe a compromise for this would be to accept the patch 
but run a script to auto format it to 4 space before it gets committed 
to CVS??


Gerold J. Wucherpfennig wrote:
> Sorry Dimi, my opinion differs here too...
> 1. I don't want to type the spacebar 4 times an ident is made
>     (though I could configure the text editor to do "this" for me).
> 2. I want to stick to the maximum column width of 80 chars. With
>     5 idents in a line that would only left 60 chars of code compared
>     to 70.
> 3. In my opinion with an ident of 2 chars you can clearly distinguish
>     two diffent idents though my eyes are really not the best, so an ident
>     of 4 chars is unnecessary.
> 4. I don't want to use 4-space idents if there are other wine developers
>     who also use differing idents, because I not convinced of 4-space idents.

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