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Subject: Re: avifil32, msvfw32 and friends
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Jan Jezabek <jezabek at poczta.onet.pl> writes:

> Jan Jezabek wrote:
> > Hi,
> > What is the current state of VfW support? I have tried a few
> > applications, and they seem to fail sooner or later:

> > - I've also got a program written by me, which reads an AVI and
> > stores the video part on disk. Here the problem seems to be
> > AviFileInit which seems not to be implemented.

AviFileInit isn't implemented currently as the library is hard-linked to

> > Are there any parts of the AVI reader implemented or are they only stub=

Most of the code should be in when I remember correctly.  As far as I know
the remote stuff, like the marshaller and proxy is missing.  As well as it=
still is not thread safe.

> Ok, this post was probably better suited for the 'users' list. Anyway,
> I've posted a patch that solves the first issue.
> The second one is a little harder; it works ok using builtin msvfw32
> and native (winXP) avifil32.dll. With the builtin avifil32.dll I can
> open an AVI, get a video stream, read its format (dimensions
> etc.). After that I get a segfault somewhere in AviStreamGetFrame. Is
> this (AviStreamGetFrame) supposed to be working? Or is it partially
> implemented/broken? It seems that the AVI (or at least the header) is
> being parsed correctly.

The IGetFrame interface uses the msvfw32.dll and the video codecs.  It work=
for some codecs that I have tried in past as I have written it, but it may =
that either a regression occured or that the video codec you are using just
returns a NULL pointer where the code does not expect it.  I could try to
remember what I have written and support you to fix it, but I would need mo=
informations.  Like which video codec, programm, AVI headers and which meth=
gets called and where does it segfaults.  For the last parts it would be ni=
if you could send me a trace which shows msvfw32 and avifil32 calls.


Michael G=FCnnewig

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