Could not load c:\windows\system\opengl32.dll Wine 20050524

J. Grant jg at
Sun Jun 12 16:13:47 CDT 2005

Hi Tom,

> Why not build from source?

Do you mean from source tgz?  I do not wish to polute my install, so I
would not want to do that.  If you meant build the package I think that
is an option

Something like this:

apt-get build-dep wine

apt-get --build source wine

>> audio does not seem to work in 20050419 from winehq deb. I have
>> "HardwareAcceleration" = "Emulation" in [dsound] which got it working
>> with my old wine install.
>> I have to force it with "Drivers" = "wineoss.drv"  to get it to work.
> different people have different audio setups.....

I wonder why automatic audio config stopped working since March..?

>> Is the audio stuff not deciding for its self anymore?
>> In addition 20050419 package is 1 month older than debian unstables
>> 20050524, is there a plan for a 20050524 winehq deb?
>> I would also encourage winehq to work with debian maintainers so there
>> are not two groups of people creating packages for debian.
> Again if you build from source who cares if there are 50 debian maintainers.
> This is why Gentoo is far superior to all those other want-to-be Linux distro's
> you have no other choice but to build from source :-)

I'm thinking you mean tgz rather than package src? Because winehq deb
source packages are dated 20050419 and HL2 does not work with them. So
me rebuilding from source winehq src deb 20050419 would not make a
difference I think.

Also, HL2 does not work with official debian 20050524 either.

Has anyone got HL2 running with either of these unpactched releases
please? (I just copied native dlls as in the Howto)

Kind regards

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