wine and gdi+

Felix Nawothnig felix.nawothnig at
Mon Jun 13 05:23:40 CDT 2005

Michael Büttner wrote:
> I was checking wine for GDI+ support and noticed that there are no headers or 
> anything at all. I did not find any further information, so i guess there's 
> no work being done there?

Seems so. Might be related to the fact that it's not widely used yet and 
not shipped with pre-XP Windows so most apps which use it (are there 
any? :) probably come with their own gdiplus.dll.

I should note that gdiplus.dll is written in plain C - it exports just 
the (documented) "flat APIs" with all the C++ classes being in the PSDK 
headers so it should be possible to support it in Wine.

> So, winelib is not an option. What about using wine and native gdiplus.dll, 
> any experiences?

As gdiplus.dll seems to be just a wrapper around gdi32.dll (at least 
that's what the imports indicate, MSDN claims "Applications based on the 
Microsoft Win32 API do not access graphics hardware directly. Instead, 
GDI+ interacts with device drivers on behalf of applications.") using 
native gdiplus.dll should be no problem.

But as I don't know any app using GDI+ I can't test that. ;)


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