winefile: UNICODE

Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at
Mon Jun 13 02:52:53 CDT 2005

> > Changelog:
> > switch winefile to UNICODE mode

> Why to go through all this pain and not just make it unicode
> only?

First of all: Winefile was designed to be usable both in ANSI and UNICODE
mode from the begin on, and I won't remove this functionality. So you can
build and use it also on 8 bit systems like Win 9x. Purists may also see it
as a possibility to save a view bytes of runtime memory. Think about
embedded systems, where you don't have available gigs of memory.

For your standpoint this argument may be more adequate:
WINE wants to be compatible to Microsoft's headers. So there also has
to be a tchar.h header with all its ANSI/UNICODE functionality. You may
see winefile as a test application for this header. If some thing breaks
tchar.h, you might find this problem by compiling winefile.



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