alsa: device name

Robert Reif reif at
Mon Jun 13 11:25:56 CDT 2005

Mike Hearn wrote:

>On Mon, 13 Jun 2005 00:20:20 -0400, Kevin Koltzau wrote:
>>To be honest I didn't think it was correct either, but the current
>>solution does not work correctly either so I figured I'd give it a shot.
>>I have default overridden to pass through dmix/dsnoop, wine cannot access
>>my card directly through plug:hw the majority of the time. Using the
>>PlaybackDevice config option is a good enough hack for me for now
>There should - at minimum - be a comment here. I "fixed" this to use
>default months ago, it was fixed back to plughw:0,0 and now you submitted
>a patch to fix it back to default again! This thing just ping-pongs back
>and forth like there's no tomorrow :)
>thanks -mike

Setting the device to default sort of worked back when the
wine ALSA driver only supported a single device no matter how
many devices there actually were.  Now that the wine ALSA
driver supports more than a single device, the proper way
to deal with this is to do what windows does. That is make all
the sound device available in the sound control panel and have
the user decide which one to make the default or use the first
one in the list if the user doesn't specify one.  This would require
that wine have a multimedia control panel (which could be run
from winecfg) or use a native one and that winmm and dsound
use the registry entries set by the control panel.

dsound currently has a hack to select which device is to be
used as the default but the proper windows registry entries should
be used so the wave device also works the same way.

The problem with ALSA is that it doesn't provide a consistent
device enumeration facility.  ALSA is moving that way but
backward compatibility will always be a problem even when
ALSA comes up with a usable and stable solution.

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