[QUARTZ] Add FFMpeg video wrapper filter (take 3)

Johan Dahlin johan at gnome.org
Mon Jun 13 12:25:03 CDT 2005

Brian Vincent wrote:
> On 13 Jun 2005 18:11:14 +0200, Alexandre Julliard <julliard at winehq.org> 
> wrote:
>>If there's only a static lib then I guess it's fine. Is that the case
>>on all major distros?
> I just dug through a bunch of distros and no one ships ffmpeg by default. 
> That includes Fedora 4, SuSE 9.2/9.3, Mandriva 10.1, and Slackware 10.1. 
> It's marked "optional" on Debian sarge. 
> I think I ran into this same issue with xine a while ago. I believe they 
> ship ffmpeg, but can't remember.

GStreamer, xine and mplayer all includes their own copy in their source 
trees, since the developers of ffmpeg are not committed to a stable api, nor 
do I think they ever will.


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