Getting civilization 2 to work...

Kristiaan Lenaerts kristiaan.lenaerts at
Tue Jun 14 09:30:19 CDT 2005

One day further, one day wiser...

I learnt how to write tests... Windows XP works exaclty like the
original (wine) code, setting last error = ERROR_INVALID_INDEX.
Windows 98 however sets it = ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER (1). So, the
"fix" that made civilization work for me is not the right one...

I'll look further into it, it is a learning example for me. It works
in windows XP, so as long as it doesn't explicitly test for civ2, it
should be possible to get it to work. Mayby I'll have tot test with a
native user32.dll, and see some relay/snoop log.


(1) does this imply that if we're emulating win95/98/Me behaviour, we
have to set the last error = ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER, otherwise to

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