Wine and raw printing

André Carvalho acarvalho at
Tue Jun 14 14:30:40 CDT 2005

I posted the same message on wine-user list , but got no help.


I was wondering if someone could help me on this issue.

I use a windows program that print direct to the printer, but it uses 
the printer from the printer list, it doesn't use the port directly.

On Windows, to use the program I have to install a "Generic / Only Text" 
printer to work.

The program runs on wine without problems.  The only problem is to print.

I created a raw printer in CUPS, but when I select the printer in the 
program, wine still uses the WinePS driver and generate a PS, giving me 
an error on the printer, of course.

I tried to install a driver tty.drv on wine but couldn't get it to work.

Is there a way to disable WinePS ? or another way to get the program to 
print ?


Andre Carvalho

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