wine loader anamoly

Troy Rollo wine at
Tue Jun 14 23:29:29 CDT 2005

On Wed, 15 Jun 2005 12:03, bala saravanan wrote:
> When I use wine in the default redhat 9 kernel
> 2.4.20-8,
> i see that the wineserver and wine-pthread binaries
> are running. Whereas when i use the vannila kernel
> 2.4.20,
> wineserver and wine-kthread binaries are running.

It's Posix threads versus the older Linux threading. Redhat backported Posix 
threads to their 2.4 kernels, which is why wine-pthread is used for the 
Redhat kernel. 2.6 kernels also use wine-pthread. Non-redhat 2.4 and earlier 
kernels will use wine-kthread.

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