[t2] AutoCAD and more in Wine on T2

René Rebe rene at exactcode.de
Wed Jun 15 18:32:12 CDT 2005


On Thursday 16 June 2005 01:15, wino at piments.com wrote:

> Hey , and it looks to be working nicely , damn you ;)

Thanks to your wine config and .dlls and whatever made the change. Do be 
analyzed later ...

> You just have to resist sending everyone three page emails now!

I can imagine - especially since cut'n paste out of the Dragon Pad works just 
fine ,-)

> I got one step nearer by moving from 20050310-r1 to 20050524 . This
> enabled wine to correctly adjust the volume settings and got me through
> the basic audio setup of NS7.
> Although I had to turn off the mike boost using alsamixer since NS/wine
> did not seem to be aware of it.
> In fact it appears not to set the mike capture but the mike playback
> volume, so disfuntional but it did not block.

Hm - I did not notice it was the playback level adjusted - I need to take a 
closer look. I think there is little we can do to teach NS about the gain - I 
think it even leave it alone on Windows as well.

> I can enter general training for the user and the dlg comes up fine but
> the only button the works is ... Cancel.

I also had this sometimes. I think the keyboard short always worked. I should 
mention (here on the lists) that the yellow (IIRC) arrow indicating the word 
to train has the wrong "z-order" and is overpaineted by the white background 
of the text. Thus it is only visible in the first row when the top pixels are 
above of this white text rectangle.


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