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Thu Jun 16 02:44:34 CDT 2005


On Wednesday 15 June 2005 05:18, cyrix12 at wrote:
> It's me again.  The latest WoW patch (1.5.1) broke stuff again, and now I'm
> unable to click on anything outside of menu items in game.  The issue seems
> to be related to camera angle, as I am able to click on items/people when I
> have my camera positioned just right.  It's basically unplayable at the
> moment though.

Well cedega seems to have the same problem (google) and they fixed it using 
specific memory layout for WoW (mmap begins at 0x10000000)
Seems more a WoW bug than wine/cedega bug :)

> Anyway, I'd appreciate it if one of the OpenGL/D3D guys (it's most likely
> something that would be easily fixed by one of you) could take a look at it
> if they have some free time.

I don't want to do ugly hack to ovveride memory layout so if any wine memory 
layout expert can look why it happened (Alexandre ?)

> Thanks again,
> Darckness

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