Nested __TRY blocks?

Robert Shearman rob at
Thu Jun 16 21:31:03 CDT 2005

Juan Lang wrote:

>Are we allowed to use a __TRY block in a function that's called by a
>function with its own __TRY block for the same exception?

Yes, exception handlers can be nested.

>Any other restrictions on __TRY/__EXCEPT I should know about?  No
>returning or gotos out of each block, right?

 From include/wine/exception.h:
 * Warning: inside a __TRY or __EXCEPT block, 'break' or 'continue' 
 *          break out of the current block. You cannot use 'return', 'goto'
 *          or 'longjmp' to leave a __TRY block, as this will surely crash.
 *          You can use them to leave a __EXCEPT block though.

Rob Shearman

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