Wine and raw printing

Hiji hijinio at
Fri Jun 17 02:14:10 CDT 2005

--- Marcelo Duarte <marcelotduarte at> wrote:

> Hiji escreveu:
> >I'll join, and add this.  I'm on Suse 9.2 Pro,
> >wine-20041203, and the only printers I have are on
> the
> >network.  I can print fine through any native linux
> >apps, but if I try to print through Wine, it says
> >there are no printers.
> >
> >Maybe the problems are related somehow?
> >
> >Hiji
> >
> >  
> >
> I think that you need CUPS instaled, and if you
> build wine from sources, 
> you need cups-devel.

Ah, I'm seeing that libgnomecups-devel is not
installed (I don't see a cups-devel).  I will install
that and give the recompile a go! :)


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