hello world

cdr cedar at 3web.net
Fri Jun 17 08:40:54 CDT 2005

Dimi Paun wrote:
> They are true Linux binaries (ELF format) but they need a bit of
> setup (for Windows compat) _before_ they start.
Am I correct in assuming (see above in thread) that in some
previous wine version it *was* possible to produce stand-alone
version? Any plans to make it possible (again)? Perhaps for
limited win32 functionality (graphics/GUI event handling only,
no device access, registry, etc.?)

> But yeah, running the Win32 (PE) executables instead is a true
> possibility, same speed, etc. But having a Winelib port allows
> you to better integrate with the Unix env, which may be what 
> you want for a 'true' Linux app.

Should one expect read/write access to memory-mapped files
to be faster if it is native Linux? (I must say I am impressed
by the fact that Win32 memory-mapped file access works as
well under wine as it does).


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