World of Warcraft

Mike Hearn mh at
Fri Jun 17 09:12:07 CDT 2005

On Thu, 16 Jun 2005 09:44:34 +0200, Raphael wrote:
> Well cedega seems to have the same problem (google) and they fixed it
> using specific memory layout for WoW (mmap begins at 0x10000000) Seems
> more a WoW bug than wine/cedega bug :)

Yes, it's a WoW bug, some Windows users are affected too. Unfortunately it
seems very few Windows users hit the problem but all Linux/Wine users see

> I don't want to do ugly hack to ovveride memory layout so if any wine
> memory layout expert can look why it happened (Alexandre ?)

There's something else going on here, the Cedega fix doesn't seem to work
for everybody.

Well, I don't think Alexandre has a WoW account or copy and there isn't
enough information here to see what's going on. It's odd that seems VM
layout related though. The issue looks like it's in OpenGL though, their
"1.5 patch hotfix" is a replacement of the opengl32 DLL.

thanks -mike

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