WinelibVersion() [was: bit-blit ops]

cdr cedar at
Fri Jun 17 09:13:49 CDT 2005

  Andreas Mohr wrote:

 >>>I have a need to detect - from within my application - that
 >>>it is running under wine. What is the correct way - if any -
 >>>to perform such test?
 >>This is something that we strongly discourage. You can just
 >>add a simple hack for now in your code, while we try to fix it
 >>properly in Wine. If you describe the problem, we may be able
 >>to fix it fast enough for your purposes.
 > Indeed, and we also have
 > for that.

(I assume the above was meant to read
...we also have [... need] for that...?)


With due respect for wine developers and their excellent work,
this may be worth reconsidering.

Wine used to be almost exclusively for end users who had win32
applications (binaries), and wanted to run them under Linux,
not only without any help, bu almost "againt the will" of the
developers of those applications. I am, on the other hand,
a different animal (and, looking around me, I notice my part
of the zoo expanding...): a developer who would *like to help*
my end user to run those applications under Linux. However,
I can not possibly justify a complete re-write. Since wine is
(and will remain forever) less than "100% windoze" (we can argue
the numbers, but not the principle) the more I can be given a
"helping hand" to deal with those residual differences, the
more I'll be able to make my Win32 apps available to Linux users.

(int WinelibVersion(); that returns yyyynn - Please, please...)


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