Wine's Registry Format

Brad syllogism711 at
Thu Jun 16 10:28:39 CDT 2005

There's a bug on bugzilla (422) that asks for the registry file format to
be re-written in order to be able to dynamically load parts of the
registry.  If you don't feel like looking it up - don't worry, I'm going
to explain why this would benefit wine. . .

It's said that wine loads the entire registry when it first runs, which
can get become a waste - even if it's going to be swapped off anyway. . . 
It's also not the fastest method of input and especially output to the
registry. . . 

I've looked into using a Balanced Tree DB from BerkelyDB as a quicker
interface to the registry. . .  I think it would be a good solution, but
the question is whether or not you want the overhead of another library
added to wine. . .  That's why I'm writing here actually - I need to know
if it's ok to add this dependancy to wine, or if I should find a different 

I know this would cause some chaos in the community - so If this is
something that everyone agrees should be done, I'll write a small utility
to convert the current ascii registry files into the new format. . .

Let me know what you think . . .

--Brad DeMorrow

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