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Christoph Rudorff chris at
Sun Jun 19 14:24:44 CDT 2005

Ove Kaaven schrieb:
> søn, 19,.06.2005 kl. 16.07 +0100, skrev Mike Hearn:
>>On Sat, 2005-06-18 at 05:12 -0400, Ove Kaaven wrote:
>>>That OpenGL hotfix is for 1.5.0 (improved ARB_pixel_format, something
>>>Wine already have). The VM issue this thread is about is in 1.5.1. This
>>>is not the fix you're looking for.
>>Ah OK, thanks.
>>I guess you don't wish to tell us what the bug is? If not then I'd
>>understand completely.
> It looks like a game bug related to virtual memory to me, and it's
> possible to do a couple of configuration changes in Cedega to provoke
> different virtual memory layouts, which apparently makes a difference.
> Exactly why, I don't know. Since workarounds exist for now, and it's not
> a simple bug to track down, and it's possible Blizzard may simply fix
> the bug themselves in a future update, this is not important enough that
> I've been told to drop my current tasks and do an in-depth investigation
> of this instead.




To me it looks like an overoptimized geometry problem. As long there is 
only sky and no terrain or building behind the objects, you can klick 
them. This is mostly the case, when you look up. Just like users reported.

I just wrote a lousy mmap wrapper which sets start to 0x10000000 . This 
works for me with wine 20050601 and the latest from cvs.

Latest cvs raises another bug. When the wow window looses focus, it 
minimize and maximizes again and stays on top. More worse, the graphics 
is shifted to approx. +2+2 pixels every time. Here's the output from 

fixme:opengl:wglQueryPbufferARB unsupported WGL_PBUFFER_LOST_ARB (need 
glXSelectEvent/GLX_DAMAGED work)

... and the TODO becomes a bit longer again.


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