Using SVK and Subversion to manage distributed branches to Wine CVS

Troy Rollo wine at
Sun Jun 19 20:44:11 CDT 2005

Over the past few weeks I have been experimenting with SVK and Subversion 
managing a handful of branches to Wine CVS, and it appears to be working 
well. The system is based on a "central" Subversion repository that mirrors 
the Wine CVS tree without any modifications (publicly readable at 
svn:// and is kept up to date within a 
day or so.

Branches are stored in separate Subversion repositories.

I am finding this very convenient. If you have converted from CVS to 
Subversion on other projects, you are probably aware of the huge difference 
it makes. Adding SVK on top of Subversion is another giant leap when you have 
distributed development. In the case of Wine, however, with the CVS 
repository being read-only except to Alexandre, the difference between 
read-only CVS and the combination of Subversion and SVK is even more dramatic 
(I would compare it to the difference between chiselling documents into stone 
tablets and using a word processor).

For anybody who is interested in moving their own Wine development to 
Subversion and SVK, there is a page on the Wiki describing what to do at 

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