Wine's Registry

Martin Fuchs fuchs.martin at
Mon Jun 20 01:08:17 CDT 2005

2005/6/19, James Liggett <jrliggett at>:
> Hi Brad,
> I've been following you discussion about wine's registry format, and I
> find it interesting. I gave it some thought, I have have an idea. Have
> you thought about using XML as a potential format? Since the registry is
> a non-relational tree database, this seems to fit quite well. Plus,
> there's a few libraries that would do the dirty work for us (libxml,
> expat, many others, name your pick). It could even be possible to
> modularize the registry using technologies like XInclude or XLink. Just
> thought I'd offer my two cents.

Sure, the tree format would match. But this would not really make
things better. You would also have to read the registry at once at
startup time. The best solution would be to use native Windows
registry format. This way you could use real Windows registry files,
and can read and update registry piecewise. It's organized like a
little file system - or database if you want to see it this way. It's
not documented. But you could have a look at the ReactOS
implementation, which claimes to be compatible to NT4.



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