Wine on LinuxTag 2005

Andreas Mohr andi at
Mon Jun 20 06:22:04 CDT 2005


On Mon, Jun 20, 2005 at 01:01:06PM +0200, Michael Stefaniuc wrote:
> Hello guys,
> the LinuxTag 2005 has Wine as featured OSS project
> (german only).
> Does anybody know something about this? Andi?
Well, I'll be there all the time, together with Uwe (who registered us).

Preparations? Well, not much yet ;)
I'll try to get some demo apps running, and I'll simply help people
with some issues and do some more hacking there.

The Wine banner will strongly resemble previous ones, I'm afraid.

I'm simply going there since it's so damn close (15 minutes), I'm not sure
whether I could be bothered to set up a booth if it was some other remote city
I want to have a lot of fun talking to some people interested in the
project (and somewhat more useful Wine alternatives ;), that's all.

So feel free to go there if you want to have some nice talk :)

Hmm, maybe I should also do a CXO install to show off some advanced setup

Andreas Mohr

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