Problem with wine-cvs on FC4

Hans Kristian Rosbach hans.kristian at
Mon Jun 20 03:52:10 CDT 2005

For about a week now I've been able to compile wine-cvs on
FC4 after manually excluding the ddraw-test references.

But I'm yet to see an actual window created by wine.

Even running the "built in" notepad application does not
produce much meaningful result. In the console it outputs
"err:imagelist:ImageList_ReplaceIcon no color!" a lot and
then just sits there waiting. No window, no other messages.

After running 'make test' I end up with these errors:
../../../tools/runtest -q -P wine -M comctl32.dll -T ../../.. -p imagelist.c && touch imagelist.ok
imagelist.c:303: Test failed: no hicon1
imagelist.c:305: Test failed: no hicon2
imagelist.c:307: Test failed: no hicon3
imagelist.c:355: Test failed: no hicon1
imagelist.c:357: Test failed: no hicon2
imagelist.c:359: Test failed: no hicon3
imagelist.c:402: Test failed: couldn't get DC
imagelist.c:435: Test failed: DrawIndirect should succeed
imagelist.c:445: Test failed: should succeed
imagelist.c:447: Test failed: should succeed
imagelist.c:449: Test failed: should succeed
imagelist.c:485: Test failed: failed to create hicon1

There are also a few hundreds of the no color error, I can
provide full make test output if wanted.


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