Mime type Desktop integration

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Mon Jun 20 15:07:56 CDT 2005

I am working on a small tool which reads mime types and linked applications 
from the registry and generates .desktop files for the unix desktop. This 
integrates Windows Applications better into the native Desktop.

I've written this code in the last days without much planning, so the code is 
quite a mess IMO. There are still things missing and a few bugs are left, but 
I thoght I show what I'm doing here.

So, the usage:
*Compile with 'make'.
*You have to copy the winestart script somewhere in the path, otherwise you 
can't open any files
*Specify the target path for the .desktop files in $WINEAPPLNKPATH. This tool 
will create a sub-directory where it will place the files.
BUG: This directory has only read rights, and this causes a crash later. Up to 
now you have to give yourself +wx rights and run again
*Copy the created .desktop files somewhere to your applink path(e.g. 
~/.kde/share/applnk) or set $WINEAPPLNKPATH to ~/.kde/share/applnk. Your 
Desktop(tested with KDE) should read this files and assign them to the file 
So for example, if you have Internet explorer installed you get a new 
"htmlfile" application which opens the file in Internet Explorer if you 
really want this.

Missing things
*Get icon extraction working. Code taken from winemenubuilder, but it fails on 
many files, and it can't extract 32Bit icons.

*Mime type exportation: Currently only Application entries are created, but no 
mime types. If the Desktop doesn't know the mime type, the Application is 

*Rework some parts of the code and make it more Wine-Stylish(Heap...)

*Integrate Unix apps into the Windows Registry.

*Other things?

Stefan Dösinger
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