winecfg's registry convience functions

Michael Jung mjung at
Mon Jun 20 13:46:00 CDT 2005

I would like to add a checkbox control ("Show host filesystem") to winecfg to 
allow the user to easily (un-)register the unixfs shell namespace extension. 
So winecfg would have to query and create/delete the 
key. There are helper functions in winecfg.c to cache registry values for 
later application, iff the user clicks "Apply" or "Ok". However, those seem 
to work only for keys rooted at the config key "HKCU\Software\Wine".

My question is: Am I doomed to implement the caching on my own for this key, 
should I generalize the helper functions, or do you think this configuration 
option should'nt be in winecfg at all?

Michael Jung
mjung at

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