World of Warcraft

Christoph cr2005 at
Tue Jun 21 16:07:00 CDT 2005

Raphael schrieb:
> Hi,
>>To me it looks like an overoptimized geometry problem. As long there is
>>only sky and no terrain or building behind the objects, you can klick
>>them. This is mostly the case, when you look up. Just like users reported.
>>I just wrote a lousy mmap wrapper which sets start to 0x10000000 . This
>>works for me with wine 20050601 and the latest from cvs.
> Interesting
More interesting:

Gamers are playing with lib. wrapper ... just like me!
But I came to the same conclusion:

static void initialize() __attribute__ ((constructor));

static void initialize() {
	printf("Hurra !!!\n");
	// _mmap = dlsym(RTLD_NEXT, "mmap");

Finaly it is the printf who does the magic and not the wrapped mmap! The 
above example also worked for me. Can we still solve this problem with 

But I still do believe, that blizzard will release a new patch soon :=)

>>Latest cvs raises another bug. When the wow window looses focus, it
>>minimize and maximizes again and stays on top. More worse, the graphics
>>is shifted to approx. +2+2 pixels every time. Here's the output from
>>fixme:opengl:wglQueryPbufferARB unsupported WGL_PBUFFER_LOST_ARB (need
>>glXSelectEvent/GLX_DAMAGED work)

... and this "bug" reminds me to a config option which I set to n many 
years ago:

"UseTakeFocus" = "n"

Does this no more work in cvs version? I dont have another picky 
application here to test. sol.exe does not have that min/max effect.

> Arg,
> i didn't expect this fixme :(
> And it's so boring to handle (needs some x11drv work too)
> I'll let Lionel (or Alexandre) trying to fix this case, i have already find 
> the way to handle (see the fixme text) :)
>>.... and the TODO becomes a bit longer again.
> yes really longer ...
> Raphael


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