winefile: switch to UNICODE mode

Martin Fuchs fuchs.martin at
Tue Jun 21 16:12:54 CDT 2005


> This stuff is getting uglier all the time. Please consider converting
> to Unicode properly and getting rid of all the TCHAR crap. I know the
> goal is to show how to use it, but at this point all it does is
> demonstrate why using TCHAR is a really bad idea. The way this is
> going pretty soon there will be more #ifdefs in winefile than in all
> the rest of the Wine codebase.

The pure existence of <include/tchar.h> in the Wine code base shows
me, Wine is aimed to support TCHARs. So why don't you want to properly
activate its functionality and take Winefile as an example how to use
Otherwise if you are consequent, you should deprecate it officially
for Winelib applications, and remove it completely from the header

By the way: There currently only 12 #if(n)def UNICODEs in Winefile,
and I don't expect this number to increase very much at any time.

I know, I won't be able to convince you. Any one out there to support
my point of view?  ;-)



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