winecfg's registry convience functions

Michael Jung mjung at
Wed Jun 22 06:26:11 CDT 2005

On Wednesday 22 June 2005 13:08, Mike Hearn wrote:
> One thing we might want to look into is integrating with the GNOME/GTK+
> file roots. In the new file picker, it hides the UNIX by default and you
> have multiple roots like "DVD Drive", "Home", "Desktop", "Apps on
> SomeServer" and so on. I think that's a much more user-friendly way of
> doing it than exposing things like /mnt, /usr/, /etc to the user. That
> would be an additional unixfs feature I guess.

I think those should be handled by a MyDocuments shell folder, which should 
work with both shfldr_fs and shfldr_unixfs, whatever the user selected. So we 
would have multiple instances of the MyDocuments shell folder with different 
names (like Home, DVD Drive, ...) and different target directories 
(like /home/foobar or /cdrom), configured with winecfg (or perhaps read from 
the gnome config).

Michael Jung
mjung at

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