Cross-compiling with winelib

Eric Frias efrias at
Thu Jun 23 09:03:34 CDT 2005

We're working on setting up an environment to cross-compile a winelib 
application (initially from x86 linux to sparc solaris).  To do this, we 
need a cross-compiling version of winebuild which will generate the 
assembly code for the target architecture instead of the build architecture.

I see two basic ways we can accomplish this.  We could either use 
autoconf's --target flag to specify the target architecture, and then 
replace all of the "#ifdef __sparc__" statements in winebuild with 
"#ifdef __target_arch_sparc".  I came across an autoconf macro 
( that would 
generate the appropriate defines.

The other way we could approach the problem is to modify winebuild to 
always generate assembly code for all of the architectures, pushing the 
#ifdefs down into the .spec.c file.

I'm inclined to stick with the first option, since it looks like less 
work and less chance of introducing errors, but I wanted to run it by 
the list before starting work.  Would a patch like this be accepted into 
wine?  Do you know of any other gotchas we should be aware of?


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