Cross-compiling with winelib

Eric Frias efrias at
Thu Jun 23 14:05:07 CDT 2005

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> I think the right way is to get rid of the #ifdefs, but not by pushing
> them into the .spec.c file but my making the target a run-time
> option. I've been meaning to do this for a while now, I was just
> waiting for someone to actually need that feature ;-)

Fantastic!  Those ifdefs have been driving me crazy.  After adding 
support in winebuild for hppa, I found the source code extremely 
difficult to follow.  Cutting out most of the ifdefs should make it much 
more manageable.

So we could do something like this:  Add a --target= option to both 
winegcc and winebuild.  If present, winegcc would pass that option 
through to winebuild.  The target parameter could be a standard 
cpu-mfr-opsys system triplet like config.guess generates.  Without this 
--target option, the behavior is unchanged.  If the --target=foo is 
present, we generate assembler code for the 'foo' architecture.

Additionally, we could set the default compiler to foo-gcc, linker to 
foo-ld, (and same for g++, nm, cpp, whatever else we use).  These are 
the default filenames for cross-compilers, so I think it would make 
sense to use these when the target is specified.  These could be 
overridden by command line args (there's already an --ld-cmd, so we 
could add --cc-cmd, --cxx-cmd, etc).


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