shell32: Implement SHGetPathFromIDList based on GetDisplayNameOf

Michael Jung mjung at
Fri Jun 24 02:27:09 CDT 2005

On Friday 24 June 2005 04:15, Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
> > Do you have a piece of code, or an application which crashes because of
> > this loop? I didn't have any problems with it up to now. Would be cool if
> > I could have a look at the code to find the problem.
> shlfolder test will do it right from the start. One more is winecfg: click
> on "Add application" button.

Both work fine on my setup. I've also renamed my .wine directory to .wine.bkp, 
and both cases still have no problem. Would you mind trying this 
(renaming .wine to .wine.bkp and run the shlfolder test).  

> I didn't research this problem - don't have time for. Don't know if this is
> because I have more drives/more directories then you or something else. My
> tree is not modified except not relevant things (GetAttributesOf & shell
> exec).
> I have shell and relay log if you need it.

If you still have the problem with a clean .wine directory, would you mind 
sending me a diff of your tree? 

What I've realized just now is that the patch you are mentioning doesn't touch 
ParseDisplayName at all. It's related to SHGetPathFromIDList and 
GetDisplayNameOf. Are you sure this patch is what gives you the problems?

Michael Jung
mjung at

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