CrossOver licensing behaviour?

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Jun 24 09:09:02 CDT 2005


I have no idea where he got that idea from, but we would
*never* do such a thing.

I can believe that CrossOver stopped working; that's
a very old version of Wine (it's cxoffice 1.3.1,
Wine circa early 2003).  And, as we all know, the
glibc and kernel guys have kept us hopping merrily
these past two years, reducing the chance that an old
binary build of Wine would work.

But it's just a coincidence...

Gotta love Linux, sometimes :-/



Andreas Mohr wrote:
> Hi and greetings from LinuxTag in Karlsruhe!
> At our booth we had a visitor who told me that the version of
> CrossOver Office that he had been using issued a timely warning
> about license expiration few months before finally actually ceasing
> to provide service exactly after one year.
> This report is rather astonishing to me since I'm not too happy
> about software which actually ceases to work after some time,
> and I also wouldn't have expected Codeweavers to employ such
> questionable policies.
> On
> there is no mention of actually disabling the software after a year,
> though. The only thing mentioned here is loss of support after a
> year, which is perfectly fine with me. That way you're left with an
> unsupported piece of ju^H^Hsoftware, yet may keep running it for centuries.
> Given that a denial of service (pun intentional ;) after a year is
> not mentioned on this web page, I have some reasons to suspect that this visitor
> had some random issue making his installation fail to keep working.
> The visitor told me that it may have been a special SuSE CrossOver version
> (Wine Rack?). Does that one have specially restrictive terms, maybe?
> Thanks for listening, now continuing to provide free quality advertisement for CXO
> on LinuxTag ;-),
> Andreas Mohr

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