Multi-User Software Installs

Joe Baker joebaker at
Sun Jun 26 17:55:08 CDT 2005

I'm looking for ways to install wine on a multi-user box so that 
hundreds of users can share the same base registry.

Username substitution would help in the registry processing.
So when a flag is set for installing a global setting, registry keys 
written which include the username would instead put something like 
$username into the key.

Having an include directory could also be useful so that all the 
individual files inside the directory would be included.  It would be 
usefull to disqualify files ending with a ~ character such as the Emacs 
program creates when creating temporary backups of the file you are editing.

So I'm looking to eliminate having seperate (full) fake windows 
directories for every user.

Are these concerns already addressed or dealt with in some other way?

-Joe Baker

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