WileLib: Retrurning function pointers

Giuseppe AMATO giuseppe.amato at st.com
Mon Jun 27 04:53:34 CDT 2005


I'm having big troubles using function pointers.


I'm trying to build a Winelib compatible DLL that returns function 
pointers; that pointers must be used by a WIN32 app that runs under Wine.
The problem is that the returned function pointers, when directly used 
by the WIN32 code, crash the application:
"wine: Unhandled exception (thread 0009), starting debugger..."

In details:

For instance the DLL is a PKCS#11 library.
The PKCS#11 function C_GetFunctionList() returns a structure that 
contains pointers to all PKCS#11 functions (so you need to export/use 
just the C_GetFunctionList symbol)

	CK_C_Initialize C_Initialize;
	CK_C_Finalize C_Finalize;
	CK_C_GetInfo C_GetInfo;
CK_RV C_GetFunctionList(CK_FUNCTION_LIST_PTR_PTR ppFunctionList);

All function have cdecl calling convention.

The problem is:
I need to use a linux-native BINARY PKCS#11 library under a WIN32 
program should run with Wine.
As specified in the Winelib docs I've created a Winelib wrapper DLL.

Firts try:
I've wrapped just C_GetFunctionList() and I've exported it using a .spec 
The wrapped C_GetFunctionList() loads the native-linux lib and calls the 
native C_GetFunctionList(). It just returns function pointers structure 
to the calling application without doing any fix-up.
But when the WIN32 program calls any function using a function pointer 
contained in CK_FUNCTION_LIST, i.e. C_GetInfo(), the function get called 
but the WIN32 program crash just after the function returns:

"wine: Unhandled exception (thread 0009), starting debugger..."

Second try:
Looking at winebuild/winemaker/winegcc I've noticed that a PE-like 
export table is automatically created using the .spec file as input. I 
can't really understand all implementation details, but looks like that 
there is also some code that performs calling convetion 
conversion/fix-up (of course from c to stdcall, but there is also some 
code for win32-cdecl to gcc-cdecl... ?).

So i've tried to use the winelib's LoadLibrary() and GetProcAddress(), 
to "load self" and to get function pointers exactly as a Win32 
application would do... hoping that this way I would get pointers to 
functions "fixed" for "externa-win32" usage...
But I noticed that fucntion pointers returned by GetProcAddress() are 
exactly equal to "internal" fucntion pointers.

I suppose that the GetProcAddress() called from within a Winelib DLL is 
"smart" enough to return internal pointers isntead of unusable 
"win32-external" pointers...

Third try: not yet done

This is a very complicated way; I think that it should works, but I 
wondering if ther isn't a simpler way...

Writing a pure-WIN32 library that exports just C_GetFunctionList and 
does the CK_FUNCTION_LIST fix-up (lets call this DLL w32-stub)
the Winelib DLL should stub and export ALL PKCS#11 functions, and not 
just  C_GetFunctionList() (lets call this DLL winelib-wrapper).

The WIN32 app loads the w32-stub.
The w32-stub loads winelib-wrapper (using LoadLibrary) and load all 
PKCS#11 function pointers using GetProcAddress(); this should return 
WIN32 usable function pointers.
The winelib-wrapper load the linux-native PKCS#11 library (using 
dlopen); all exported functions just wrap native functions of the 
linux-native library.

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