Battlefield 1942 Regression

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Mon Jun 27 13:07:59 CDT 2005


> That seems odd SFAIK Battlefield  1942 is a directX 8
> game
Yes, as far as I know it is.

> My notes on the demo are as follows
> 'seems to be ok, but there's a lot of missing text
> (this could just be a missing font though)
The fonts work with cedega, in wine there are only blocks. I didn't look at 
this deeply, but a missing font sounds possible

> graphics also seem slow, but that could be mmtimer
> bogging things down
Not for me. Works fine with everything set to high at 800x600. Envmap and 
shadows disabled. (1.6 GHZ Intel Pentium M processor, 512 MB of RAM, Radeon 
Mobility 9000). Seems to work better(Tested in Cedega) than on WinXP on my 
friends notebook, who has exactly the same hardware. Wine's performance is 
the same as Cedegas, but you have to redirect STDERR to /dev/null, otherwise 
the scrolling wine messages will eat your fps.

> There's the odd missing texture or wrongly draw
> element, and the graphics are annoyingly slow, apart
> from that everything seems to work fine."
Yes, thats also what I noticed. With Cedega the graphics work fine, but it's 
hell unstable because of the crappy fglrx driver(Some maps don't start, ...) 
In Wine it's much more stable and I have this texture problem and problems 
with Direct Sound and a minor Mouse Lock problem.

> My DirectX patches shouldn't affect anything, as they
> are only for DirectX 9 and shoudln't affect DirectX 8.
> having said that the intent is to move the DirectX 8
> code over to the new code, this should fix quite a few
> of the problems I've noted with the game.
> Anyhow, I'll retest ASAP to make sure it's still
> working at my end.
I can send you screenshots if they are of use for you, but the most immediate 
thing is that you don't see the hands holding the weapon in front of you if 
the patch is applied.

Thanks for the good Direct3D work done so far!
Stefan Dösinger

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